We believe that the social and environmental aspects of businesses ultimately influence returns. As such, we fully expect that our investments, whilst producing superior returns, should be based on ecologically sound principles.

Consistent Private Credit Strategy

The investing world is currently going through a curious phase. On one hand, the rally in the US equity markets continues undiminished, fuelled by expectations of a pro-business US administration enabling business growth. In theory, this should in turn lead to higher interest rate expectations and an upward shift in bond yield curves; however, notwithstanding…

Capitalising on a Changing China

At ADM Capital, we source and structure our own deals. Although transaction sizes may typically be smaller and structuring may take more work than sponsored deals, we believe that the choice, control, relationships, potential value added and consistency of returns in self-sponsored transactions more than offset the efforts needed to make them work.

ADM Capital’s Project Hyatt Underscores the Strong Risk Adjusted Return Potential in Asian Private Credit

Our most recent exit has been our most successful yet – the USD20m Project Hyatt investment related to the property sector in Malaysia. Even in the current uncertain and volatile market environment where the Malaysian Ringgit declined over 30% during the investment period, we exited this investment in early February, making a gross IRR of…